ON Gold Standard Whey Protein

If we will talk about the most selling supplements in the fitness industry, it will bring the ON Gold Standard Whey Protein straight into the limelight. Yes, over the course of time, the Optimum Nutrition has gained immense popularity and is still looking quite strong.

People all over the world are consuming the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein India and it is giving people tremendous results. Hence, if you are looking to buy one for yourself, this review will prove to be a boon to you. So, let’s go ahead and unwrap some exciting things about this ever-strong whey protein.

About the Company- Optimum Nutrition

ON Gold Standard Whey protein


First of all, before buying any protein powder, it is much essential to know about the background of any company. Here, Optimum Nutrition is in the fitness industry for quite a long time and it has proven to give results to millions of customers.

You try the ON Protein Supplement once and you recognize why this brand is different from the rest. They have a range of products ranging from fish oils to whey proteins. And, each of them is the finest in its class.

An In-depth Review of the ON Gold Standard Whey protein


  • Ingredients present in the ON Gold Standard Whey Protein

If you are a bodybuilding freak, you must know the importance of whey protein isolate. It is a higher version of whey protein concentrate and that is what is present in ON. Yes, the long runner, ON protein contains Whey Isolate as its primary source. Other than that, it has got whey protein concentrate which gives a second hand.

Though, you can even consume ON whey Hydrolysate which is the highest purity version of their protein supplements. Other than that, this whey protein packs in every other ingredient.

Further, this protein supplement contains all the necessary BCAA’s which is yet another great thing. BCAA’s are essential for overall body recovery and plays an important part in muscle growth.

  • Protein in each Serving– Here, you will get 24 grams of Protein which is quite extraordinary on its own.
  • BCAA’s in terms of number- In every Serving, you will get around 5 grams of BCAA which is excellent in every aspect.
  • Sodium at its least– The Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein India contains sodium at its least extent. With merely 60 mg in each serving, it does more good than harm to your body.
  • Fat Percentage– For an effective and lean muscle gain, a look up at the fat percentage in every whey protein isolate is essential. This product from ON contains only 1 gram fat which makes it an excellent product for lean muscle gain.

On Gold Standard Whey Protein LabelImage byNZMuscle via [source link] (copyright-free)

We know that every user wants to see everything right from their eyes. Hence, for maintaining transparency, we have given the nutrition label here itself. Go through the label and discover every ingredient detailing right from your naked eyes.

Don’t Know the Effectiveness & Taste of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein India? Read Ahead…

  • The effectiveness of ON Whey Protein

Not every whey protein powder is effective and that is the thing you must surely look at. I personally have used this protein and it has done wonders in terms of my muscle growth. Mostly due to its high isolate content and perfect composition of BCAA’s, it is much more effective.

The Whey Gold Standard has about 4 grams of glutamine which is perfect for muscle growth. And, it would be a surprise if you don’t get results with this whey protein. Hence, being an expert in the fitness industry, there is no way I cannot say this as one of the best whey protein.

  • Taste

In terms of taste, the ON Gold Standard Whey protein beats most of its competitors. Optimum Nutrition creates products which has taste much better than other brands. Also, this brand has got a series of flavors for you.

Right from the Chocolate Malt to Strawberry, every flavor is made to an absolute level of perfection. Personally, if you will ask my favorite flavor, I would say, Chocolate Malt. Generally, Vanilla and Chocolate are the two flavors which people do consume on a larger scale.

Again, after mixing the texture looks absolutely smooth and there is no thickness, whatsoever. Further, You can even try making your own protein milkshake with some added fruits and other stuff. And, mind you, it tastes like hell and you will love to sip every inch of this drink.

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The Final Set of Pros

  • High Quality 24 grams of protein in every Serving
  • Contains all set of BCAA’s.
  • Contains Glutamine
  • Only 1 gram of Fat Present
  • Low in Cholesterol and Carbs
  • Super Low-Calorie Drink
  • Low in Sugar
  • Fantastic Taste


  • Protein does not contain whole Whey Protein Isolate.
  • The count of Glutamine and BCAA could have made higher.



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Final Verdict

In search of the Best Whey Protein? Well, the ON Gold Standard Whey Protein is none less than a jackpot. Hence, this is inevitably one of the best protein powders you can buy in the market. Ranging from its ingredients to its price, everything is straight on the mark.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, buy the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein India. And become the “Best Ever Version of Yourself”.





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