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Food is our lifeline. We all love to experiment with our taste buds and enjoy food items which are relishing and delightful. However, most of the food items that we consume are rich in calories and thus, tend to put a lot of weight on us. To inculcate a healthy weight loss regime, it is essential that you induce low calorie meals in your diet.

Low calorie meals include food items which are nutritious as well as give you a rush of energy. However, all we know about low calorie meals is that they are basic and also tasteless.

Well, that is not true at all. There are a lot of low calorie meals which are quite authentic and have brilliant taste, and you will also enjoy them a lot.

To help you out, we have listed down some of the best low calorie meals which will help you have a balanced and nutritious diet and support your weight loss or workout regime.

Top 23 Low Calorie Meals to Help You Stay Healthy

1. Garden Pasta Salad

low calorie meals

credits: foodnetwork

There can be nothing healthier than a salad full of bell peppers, tomatoes, celery, green onion, and more.

The pasta makes this dish more interesting and will make the plate even attractive to younger kids.

You can serve it with delicious dressings to make it worth a bite. Also, the salad will give you the fiber content and aid in enhancing your digestion.

2. Sushi Sandwiches

low calorie meals

This is a great option and will also make you feel full. The deli turkey, skim mozzarella, bell peppers, tortilla, put together in the style of sushi will make it one of the best healthy low calorie meals.

The tortillas make it rich in iron and fiber and are amazing for people who have diabetes.

Calorie Count: 296

3. Provolone Pasta with Beans and Tomatoes

 healthy low calorie meals

credits: foodnetwork

The whole wheat pasta is a good source of fiber and carbs. The steamed beans put in the protein, and the tomatoes and grated provolone, vitamin A and also calcium.

ALso, Beams are rich in iron and fiber. This is one of the best filling low calorie meals.

Calorie count: 249

4. Roasted Vegetables Lasagna

 low calorie low carb meals

The vegetables including onions, red bell peppers, garlic cloves, are very low in calories and are rich sources of vitamins and iron.

Also, the yellow squash used is free from cholesterol. This is one of the best low calorie low carbs meals.

Calorie count: 275

5. Peanut Chicken Pita

low calorie meals that fill you up

The chicken is a rich source of protein and keeps you full for a long time. The peanut sauce and pita make the dish complete and are low on calories as well. This is one of the best easy low calorie meals.

Calorie count: 379

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6. Turkey Wrap

low calorie meals on a budget

credits: myrecipes

Turkey is not only super delicious but also rich in protein. Use whole wheat to prepare the wrap along with a lot of vegetables and a salad dressing avoid ketchup.

You can add skim mozzarella if you want. This is one of the best low calorie high protein meals.

Calorie count: 365

7. Carrot and Humous Roll-Ups

low calorie meals

Humous is one of the best quick low calorie meals for weight management. The carrots are a rich source of vitamins, and the chickpeas are very low on calories and cholesterol.

Calorie count: 355

8. Chicken and Brown Rice Stir Fry

low calorie meals

Brown rice is not high on fat and also contain good carbs. Chicken is rich in protein and even full of fiber which is good for digestion and also weight loss.

Calorie count: 380

9. Mozzarella and Tomato Salad

low calorie meals

Tomatoes are great for your cardiovascular health and also prevent the growth of cancer cells. Mozzarella is rich in good fat, and it also ensures your carb requirement.

Also, tomatoes are rich in vitamins. This is one of the best low calorie meals that fill you up.

Calorie count: 345

10. Grilled Chicken and Cheese Sandwich

low calorie meals

credits: myrecipes

This is one of the easiest low calorie meals in a budget. Also, it is easy to cook and does not take much time or work for preparation.

This meal is a combination of taste as well as health. The chicken brings in the protein, and the brown bread is rich in carbs.

Calorie count: 400

11. Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

low calorie meals

Beets are one of the best things to consume. They cleanse your body and push out the toxins which are stored in your body.

Also, goat cheese is known to protect your heart from a lot of ailments. Plus, the overall meal is very low on calories. It is one of the best low calorie vegetarian meals.

Calorie count: 242

12. Grilled Chicken and Fruit Salad

low calorie meals

Fruits are a high source of vitamins, minerals, as well as calcium. Chicken, on the other hand, adds a lot of protein to the meal.

The combination of the sweet and spicy makes the dish tasty and also fills up your hungry stomach. It makes you feel full for a longer time.

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13. Black Bean Soup

low calorie meals

Black beans are full of proteins and taste amazing if cooked the right way. A bowl of soup will also be quite hydrating and aid in digestion.

Add black pepper to enhance the taste and nutritional value too. This is one of the best options for delicious low calorie meals.

14. Egg Tomato and Avocado Sandwich

low calorie meals

Avocados are a storehouse of goodness and nutrition. Also, the protein content of eggs cannot be denied. Tomatoes add vitamins to the meal. This is also one great option if you are looking for low calorie ready meals.

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15. Grilled Eggplant Provolone

low calorie meals

Eggplants are rich in essential phytonutrients. They help enhance blood circulation. Also, these help in the nourishment of the brain.

16. Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup

low calorie meals

Cucumber helps in the hydrating and replenishment of the body. It also enhances the loss of weight. Avocado also helps in the prevention of arthritis.

Calorie count: 365

17. Buttermilk Chicken and Tomato Salad

low calorie meals

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which are helpful in weight management. They help in combating free radicals. Also, buttermilk is very low in calories. The chicken is rich in protein.

Calorie count: 390

18. Tilapia Tacos with Cucumber Relish

low calorie meals

The fish squeezed in the tacos tastes brilliant. The cucumber has its own set of benefits. It is very refreshing and hydrating.

It is also very rich in nutrients and other vital minerals. Since it has a lot of water content, it helps in making you feel full.

You can also add lime juice, pepper, radishes, cilantro leaves, sour cream, coriander, kosher salt, and even other veggies if you want to enhance the taste and also make it more nutritional. This is one of the best low calorie meals.

Calorie count: 363

19. Golden Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives

low calorie meals

Chicken is again a rich source of protein. Olives promote good cholesterol and also have many other health benefits. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins and minerals which make your health better.

They have brilliant fiber content which also makes your digestion better. You can count it as one of the best low calorie meals.

Calorie count: 393

20. Parchment Baked Halibut with Sautéed Spinach

low calorie meals

Spinach is an excellent source of iron and vitamins. It helps in enhancing your metabolism and aids in better digestion.

Digestion and metabolism play a significant role in adding to your weight loss regime. Also, they help to improve your immunity and repairing of your muscles.

Calorie count: 350

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21. Quinoa with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and kale

low calorie meals

Kale is a rich source of protein and iron. Also, quinoa makes it rich in carbs and good fat. The other ingredients add to make this dish a lovely meal with taste and nutrition in the same plate. This is one of the best ideas for low calorie meals.

Calorie count: 361

22. Egg and Beef Sandwich

low calorie meals

Eggs are a rich source of protein and also make you feel fuller for a longer time.

Saturated fat in the beef deploys any chance of you incurring any heart disease and even heart attacks. It is also helpful in lowering bad cholesterol.

23. Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich

low calorie meals

Banana is rich in carbs and also induce energy in the body. People who work out must consume banana every day for healthy exercise.

Almond butter is also very rich in protein which helps make this meal even better. The whole wheat bread makes it all the more interesting. This is one of the best low calorie meals.

Conclusion: Top 23 Low Calorie Meals to Stay Healthy and Lose Weight

Being said that, your meals plays a critical role in your diet plan and weight management regime.

Therefore, if you are planning to cut out on those extra slabs of fat and calories, then it is vital that you consume fewer calories and still have your stomach full.

Hopefully these vegetarian, and non-vegetarian low calorie meals will help you in figuring out what’s best for you and you can consume these balanced low calorie meals and manage your weight the right way.


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