Indeed College and stress go side by side and in order to find an answer to ‘How to lose weight in college’, you might have search dozens of articles.

It is 2019 and most college students are obese, struggling to lose weight and living on junk foods.

Also, when you are in college, you tend to eat out with your friends while you are hanging out.

Due to loads of study to do, and tons of assignments, exams, and projects, you hardly find time to get up from your study table and do some workout.

If you can relate to the above facts, you have come to the right place. We have listed down some of how you can learn how to lose weight in college.

Read on to find out how to lose weight in college and maintain a follow up to lose those extra flabs of fat.

How to Lose Weight in College?

We have listed down some of the best ways which will help you in understanding how to lose weight in college fast with a few easy methods. Read on and learn!

1.    Cafeterias are the Major Culprits

how to lose weight in college

If you study in a college, making visits to a cafeteria are quite apparent, and if you are also a person who has a gang of friends, then most of your time goes sitting in the cafeterias.

Well, if you are on the same page, then this is the first step you got to take if you want to know how to lose weight in college.

It is of supreme importance to maintain your diet in a way that you do not consume a lot of junk food, and if you do as of now, then you must cut out on it.

This might prove to be the first step if you want to know how to lose weight in college.

2.    Leave your Desk Now and then

You probably have a lot of tests, assignments, projects, and examinations going on.

However, it is not the right way if you choose to pull out most of your time at your chair and study table even when you are at home.

It is essential that once in a while, you get up from your desk and take a walk, or go for a run, physical activity is of utmost importance if you are looking for how to lose weight in college.

3.    Stress Does No Good to You

how to lose weight in college

It might not be unknown to you that stress is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

If you are the kind of person who undertakes a lot of pressure, then you might be aware that stress kills your sleep, and also makes you hog more.

Stress might be one of the primary reasons as to why you are gaining weight.

To find out how to lose weight in college, it is of vital attention, that you start to lose the stress that you are holding. Only then can you lose weight once for all.

4.    Do not Miss your Breakfast

how to lose weight in college fast

Most of the college going students, get up at peak time when they are going to college. Thus, they do not have time to get breakfast, and most of them miss out on breakfast.

Well, missing out on breakfast is also a significant cause of gaining weight. If you are also one of the people who get up late and skips breakfast, then you may not be able to learn how to lose weight in college.

When we miss breakfast, our body tends to get more and more hungry, and when during the day when you get to eat, you eat more than you usually do.

This overeating of meals at one time may induce weight gain.

However, on the other hand, if you would have eaten the same amount of meal in two halves, that is during breakfast, and then in some time again, then the weight gain would not have been an issue.

5.    Late Night Snacks Must be Avoided

If you are a college going student, then late-night studies must be a part of your routine. Well, if you also study till late at night, then your clock must ring hunger too at night.

Studying makes your body lose calories and energy, and this is why we feel hungry when we are studying.

 However, if you lose patience, and consume some carbs and fatty meals, you might not be able to lose weight. Also, if you are taking late night snacks a lot, you must stop it immediately.

Instead, you can replace your late-night hunger strike, with some light, and low-calorie meals which are low on carbs and that will help you learn how to lose weight while in college.

Other than these tips, here are some of the different ways to understand how to lose weight in college.

How to Lose Weight Fast in College?

During the day, we consume a lot of food items.

However, what if the food we are eating is one of the significant causes that is making us gain weight? Well, your diet has a substantial portion in shaping your body.

If you do not figure your diet outright, the game of how to lose weight in college goes in vain. Therefore, it is essential that you consume food items which aid in weight loss, rather than building it up.

To help you out, we have listed out some of the best food items which will help you if you are looking for how to lose weight in college.

1.    Almonds

how to lose weight in college fast

Almonds tend to make your appetite lesser. You will feel fuller for a more extended period and consume less food which is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Also, almonds provide quite a lot of energy and thus, you can have a stomach full and good power if you eat almonds.

You can consume almonds along with your breakfast before going to college. They will help you carry out your chores daily without having to feel hungry more often.

2.    Oatmeal or Oats

how to lose weight in college

Oats are quite rich in fiber and also aid in enhancing your digestion and metabolism. They help in making you feel fuller throughout the day and are even low in calories and carbs.

You can consume oats during your breakfast. It is recommended that people who are looking for how to lose weight in college must consume a handful of breakfast.

Thus, oats are a great choice of keeping in mind the same. Also, oats are a great package of energy, and if you are on a workout regime, then this will give you the strength to do well in your sessions.

3.    Eggs

how to lose weight in college

Eggs are a great source of protein, and the results they give to your body are incredible. You feel active from within, and also, they are low in calories and fat.

They are a rich source of protein so you can get the energy that you need for working out.

A study showed that people who consumed eggs in their breakfast lost 65 percent of more weight than the people who did not.

Eggs contain water-soluble vitamins and, water, and also keep your hunger pangs at bay.

They also help you in building lean muscle. You can consume eggs for your protein supplement if you are working out.

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4.    Yogurt

how to lose weight in college

Yogurt is rich in the good bacteria stuff. It helps in enhancing your gut and also aids in making your digestion and metabolism better.

If you are also looking for how to lose weight fast in college, then yogurt will help you a lot. This is because of the amazing weight loss properties it possesses. 

Also, you can consume yogurt as and when you want. You can have it during any time of the day with almost anything.

For your late-night snacks also, yogurt is an excellent option because it is very low in calories, and also helps in making you lose weight.

Therefore, the above ones are some of the best food items which you can inculcate in your diet if you are looking for how to lose weight in college.

Other than eating right, exercise is also a must. If you do not find time for exercising, you can do some light exercises or participate in some college sports activities which will give you a daily dose of workout.

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Easy Workout Tips for College-Going Students

how to lose weight in college

1.    If your college is not that far, you can take a walk to your college

2.    You can participate in sports activities like football, basketball, etc

3.    You can take part in aerobics or dance classes

4.    Try some simple exercises like jumps, rope jump, squats, running, jogging, and many more.

A minimum of 15 minutes to one hour is essential to be dedicated to workout. If you want the results to show fast, then 1 hour will do the thing, and if you are doing it to stay fit, then 15 minutes to half an hour are more than enough.

Finally, Take in note these tips, and you will lose weight in no time during your college time.



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