How to Lose Weight Fast

Well, so there you go. You have gained that extra pound of empty calories and struggling to reduce those? Mind you, this article will give you a sure solution to your weight issue. Over the years, I have seen people daunting with the question, “How to Lose Weight Fast For Men & Women”.

But, somehow, after implementing a series of things on my own, I have come out with a stronger solution. A Solution which will take that fatty clump away from your body so that you can live peacefully.

So, let’s get on the loose weight fast journey and discover some really amazing weight loss tips.

Magical Solution on How to Lose Weight Fast For Men & Women:

  1. Stay Away From Junk and Empty Calorie Foods

“Stay Away From the Junk Foods as they provide no nutritional value to your Body”

If you are having a pack of chips or those fried stuff with you, I suggest you stay from it. Hey! You are going to lose weight and these things will not help you at all.  What if I told you that these foods are full of sodium and sugar? They are the ones which are the main culprits for your weight gain.

On the other hand, the Junk food raises your LDL which is the Bad cholesterol. With this, you are or will suffer from heart diseases. So, I know you are on an amazing weight loss journey which is the reason you are reading this.

Hence, the next time someone, gives you a pack of chips or junk food, let them know about the disastrous effects of it. Or else, you can show them this article and motivate them for the same.

  1. Always Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Always Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Yes, that’s to the point. If you are searching for an answer to the question,” How to Lose Weight Fast For Men & Women”, you must become selective in your breakfast. By this, I am not saying to become much picky about your foods. Here, you must consume some good source of protein and healthy fats. And by that, I mean to include chicken, eggs, brown bread etc.

Get yourself up; eat a healthy dinner with a perfect combination of protein, healthy fats. And, I bet, you will love every inch of your breakfast to the core.

Hold On! More Weight Loss Tips are waiting for you:


  1. Eat More than the Usual

Eat More than the Usual

Here, itself we are busting a myth which was running for over a thousand years. You don’t need to eat less to lose weight. Instead, you must eat different meals to keep your stomach full.

Here, in this case, we are telling to eat good meals which do have a high amount of protein and healthy fats in it.

So, what you can do while traveling? Mix some healthy nuts along with a grilled chicken. And make your stomach full than usual.  In short eating meals after short intervals or we can say, 5 times a day will help in weight loss goals.

In case, if you are a diet lover and want an exact diet chart, do one thing. You can read some best diet to lose weight for the same.

  1. It’s a Big No to Starches

I know that you are struggling with white bread, pasta, and white rice. That is the sole reason for making this article. Trust me, if your goal is to lose weight and that too, fast, starchy foods will do more harm than good.

  • The Real Science behind Starchy Foods

Starchy Foods contain a simple form of carbohydrates. And by that, it means that it has a high rate of digestion. Thus, the moment you consume starchy foods, it breaks down pretty quickly, goes into your bloodstream and BOOM! It spikes your Insulin and your blood level rises to a severe extent.

**Say No to Starchy Foods**

Willing to lose weight, right? Get your eyes on the foods which have complex carbs in it. By that, I mean foods which are made of whole grains such as brown bread, brown rice etc. And in the case of your lovely potatoes, find sweet potatoes as its replacement, sooner.

Done Right with the Foods, Take a Look at Exercise Section:

  1. Exercise is the Key

Exercise is the Key

Yes, you will have to choose gym as your other half if you are quite serious about losing weight. Here, you can try different forms of exercises which aids in losing weight at a faster rate.

Here, you can even do the High-Intensity Training which is of great help. It helps in burning more calories than the usual as said by the Medical & Science In Sports and Exercise Study.

For this, you can perform the HIT, four days a week. And you will see a massive difference in your body fat percentage.

As a strong individual, if you are doing exercise daily, you will see wonders on your body itself slowly, you will start losing fat and muscles will find joy to be a part of your body.

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  1. Perform Intermittent Fasting

Perform Intermittent Fasting

Now, this may sound to you like a rocket science term but it isn’t. With Intermittent fasting, you will have to wait longer between your meals. Further, the fat oxidation increases which cause weight loss at a faster pace. This research was taken from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which is quite useful.

***Fasting + Exercise = Miraculous Weight Loss***

Yes, that’s right. If you will combine fasting with proper exercise can do wonders in your weight loss goals. It helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity which helps in a better partitioning between muscle and fat.

  • One Way to Do Intermittent Fasting

You can try the 16:8 method here in this case. Eat your normal food with protein, healthy fats within the 8-hour window. After that, you will fast until the next day and continue this and when you need to. And with this, the question, “How to Lose Weight Fast For Men & Women” will just be a phrase.

Introduction to FAT Burners:

Fat Burners- the Faster route to Weight Loss

Now, all the above things were all natural and without any supplement consumption. In case, you can add-on that money from your pockets, happiness can come to you at a faster pace.

For that, you can try the different fat burning supplements which are available in the market. Common ingredients of these supplements include garcinia ketones, cambogia, raspberries which are much safer.

  • What Magic does Fat Burner do to our body?

Yes, they are magical stuff which can make your body much lean than the usual. It helps in increasing the metabolism which gives energy and reduces the hunger. And with that, you end up burning more calories than the usual.

However, there are some drawbacks with a fat burner which you will have to look at before purchasing one.  Further, we have finally found some magical ways to tackle the question, “How to Lose Weight Fast For Men & Women”.

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Final Wrap Up

So, there you go. You have learned the top six miraculous ways to lose that extra layer of fat. Now, you have done the homework and it’s time to do the practical. Get yourself up, follow the article. And become a lone warrior to tackle the question, How to Lose Weight Fast For Men & Women.

At last, for thankfulness, you can do one small thing. “Share this Article” and shapingyounow health site with your friends, family. Hence, spread the word of awareness to make the ever daunting dream of “Weight Loss”, a Beautiful Reality.

In case of any queries, you can leave a comment below and I will be grateful enough to answer you, for sure.





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