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Well, almost every other person is struggling to remove double chin and “How to get rid of double chin” is becoming a global issue.

Indeed, today’s lifestyle has become sedentary where fast food industries are destroying human bodies.

With an intention for you to get rid of double chin, this article will be the best one you have read till date.

Here, I will let you know the miraculous double chin exercises and will let you know double chin removal non-surgical methods.

Therefore, let’s come along as we will unwrap some of the best and proven ways to get an answer to “how to lose double chin”, the fastest way.

Before that, let’s begin with the definition of Double Chin and what are the causes of Double Chin.

This will give you an idea of both terms after which we can jump into the later section to get rid of a double chin(THE FASTEST WAY).

So! without wasting any time, let’s get started.

What is a Double Chin?

how to get rid of double chin

A double chin can be defined as an accumulation of submental fat which gets coiled up on the chin and is separated by a natural crease of skin.

It is a very common condition which may result in the forming of a layer of fat right below your chin.

People often have this concept that a double chin is a condition which is associated with being overweight, however, that is not true. You do not have to be overweight necessarily to develop a double chin.

Now that you have known what actually a double chin means, let’s understand the causes of a Double Chin.

What are the Causes of Double Chin?

1. Weight Gain

how to lose double chin

Weight gain is one of the major causes of the double chin. When fat gets accumulated on your body, you gain weight.

It may target any part of your body including the chin. So, double chin also be caused by weight gain.

2. Age

Sometimes, double chin is also caused by a growing age. When you grow with time, your skin also starts to get old. This may lead to sagging of the skin. Sagging of skin also leads to the creating of a double chin.

3. Genetics

Genetics is another major cause of double chin. Sometimes having a double chin runs in the family due to genes being transferred from one generation to another.

Thus, if someone in your family, including your parents, grandparents, or any other family member has a double chin, it is possible that you might also have it even from the very beginning.

With time, a double chin may become more evident and overall it may hamper your confidence.

Therefore, you would definitely want to know how to get rid of double chin.

So, I have listed down some of the best double chin exercises for double chin removal.

Each double chin exercises are written after a series of intensive research to bring the best results with time.

How to Get Rid of Double Chin with Double Chin Exercises?

Exercises for double chin are plenty where you can find over a 100 on the Internet. However, I have listed down some of the best exercises for double chin removal easily and quickly.

Double Chin Exercises I will Cover:

  • Tongue Press
  • Say X-O
  • Kiss the Ceiling
  • Side Neck Stretch
  • Stick Out Tongue
  • Neck Rotations
  • Jaw Jut
  • Ball exercise

1.Tongue Press

In this exercise, you have to take your tongue and press it on the roof of your mouth. Along with it, you must tilt your head back and forth.

This will help you in getting rid of the excess fat in your jaws. You can repeat this exercise 5 times and 3 sets overall.

2. Say X-O

double chin exercises

credits: Stylecraze

This is a great double chin exercise. It is a very relatively easy exercise. All you have to do is repeat the process of pronouncing of X and O.

This will help you in toning your muscles of jaws, neck, chin, and cheeks. You can do 12 reps of this exercise, and do 3 sets of the same.

3. Kiss the Ceiling

double chin exercises

If you want to know how to reduce double chin, then this is one of the best exercises for double chin.

In this exercise, you have to tilt your head backward and with your mouth form an ‘O’. It will create an impression that you are kissing your ceiling.

This helps in getting the muscles toned around the chin because your chin is working and your neck fat is burning.

4. Side Neck Stretch

how to get rid of double chin

As the name suggests, this exercise involves you to stretch your neck on either side to help get the perfect chin without the extra fat.

All you have to do is sit straight, and then stretch your neck on both the sides one by one. This will aid in reducing the accumulation of fat on either side of your chin.

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5. Stick Out Tongue

This is a super fun exercise if you want to know how to get rid of double chin.

All you have to do is stick out your tongue out from your mouth to the maximum distance which you can.

You can also swish your tongue from side to side as this also helps you to get rid of double chin.

6. Neck Rotations

exercises for double chin

This is one of the best exercises if you are looking for how to reduce double chin.

In neck rotation, you have to stretch your neck and rotate it side to side in a circular motion.

This will help in moving all the muscles which are around your jaw and chin and thus, you can reduce double chin with this.

7. Jaw Jut

exercises for double chin

credits: Primehealthsolutions

In Jaw Jut, you have to tilt your head towards your back and then push your jaw as well as tongue outward.

This way you can get rid of all the fat which gets built up around your neck and chin.

8. Ball exercise

how to get rid of double chin

credits: Wikihow

Take a small ball and place it under your neck. Now try and press your chin into the ball as much as you can.

This will work up your muscles around the chin and neck and you will surely burn calories.

Now that you know how to get rid of a double chin with double chin exercises, you can surely practice them a lot every day to see noticeable results fast.

Some people go for surgical treatments and operations, for getting the perfect chin.

However, it is not at all necessary to go under the needle for such a thing which you can attain easily at home with exercise and double chin removal non-surgical methods.

Here is a list of some of the methods which you can follow if you want to find out how to get rid of double chin.

Best Double Chin Removal Non-Surgical Methods

1. Wheat Germ Oil

how to get rid of double chin


Wheat germ oil is a major source of vitamin E and it helps in tightening of the skin.

This will help in reducing double chin over time and also reduce the saggy skin around your jaws.

2. Massage

 double chin removal non surgical

Massage is a wonderful remedy for a person who wants to get rid of a double chin. Take an oil, and massage it on your jawline, neck, and chin where there is skin sagging, and extra fat accumulation.

This will enhance the blood circulation of that area and also help you in getting rid of the excess fat deposits.

3. Green Tea

 double chin removal non surgical

credits: healthline

As we already know, green tea is a great remedy for weight loss. So, if you are looking for how to get rid of double chin, then green tea is an excellent solution.

If you think and know that your double chin is a cause of being overweight, then weight loss is the only solution to get rid of it.

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Along with practicing double chin exercises, you can add green tea to your daily regime and get rid of the extra fat that has accumulated around your jaw and chin.

4. Chewing Gum

how to get rid of double chin

This is a very simple and also a likable way to lose your double chin.

All you have to do is choose your favorite chewing gum and simply chew on it.

The very act of chewing a piece of gum is an exercise which will burn the fat around your chin, neck, and jaw.

Also, it helps in working up the muscles around that area and you will burn calories.

If you were looking for how to get rid of double chin, hopefully, these remedies and exercise will do ne the needful and you will not have to go under the needle for any sort of surgical treatments to get that perfect jawline, and chin.

However, along with that, it is also important that you take note of some important guidelines so that the effect of exercise can be doubled and double chin may not hamper you in the future.


How to Get Rid of  Double Chin with Health Guidelines?

  1. Eat servings of vegetables and fruits which have high fiber content. This helps in enhancing your metabolism and digestion which in turn reduces your weight. Weight loss will ultimately reduce your double chin.
  2. Reduce your intake of sugar, fried food, processed food, and aerated beverage drinks. This adds on a lot of calories which induce weight gain and also this will definitely add fat around your chin and jaw.
  3. Try and include lean protein and healthy fat in your diet which includes food items like, fish, poultry, avocado, olive oil, and nuts as well.

Wrapping Things Up: How to Get Rid of Double Chin (Fastest Methods Which Work)

With that said, double chin is not a dreading health condition. It is very easy to get rid of double chin right at your home with natural methods.

All you have to do is invest some amount of your time and work in it and then you can expect flourishing results with a perfect chin and jawline.

There is absolutely no need for you to get any surgical removal of double chin when you can do it easily with these exercises and routine habits.

So, what you need to do? Well, pretty much one thing. Move head, follow the above exercises for double chin along with the complete article and tackle the question “How to get rid of Double Chin” right from its roots.






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