Either a man or women, every one of us likes those luscious hairs. Feeling of long and strong hairs makes our appearance much more appealing. We know your concerns about growing hair, and this time, we have got some of the best food for hair growth.

Of course, hairs decide 40 percent of our appearance and having strong, beautiful hairs makes us so much appealing.

For you, we spent hours searching for some effective food for growth of hair. Every food will take you one step closer to have beautiful and shiny hair, that’s our promise.

So! Are you eagerly waiting to know the best combination of food for hair growth and thickness? Let us dive into the topic and discover some good ones.

Top 20 Food for Hair Growth

Hair loss is a growing issue for people of every country. Especially in the United States of America, a number of people going bald is on the rising end. Reasons can be plenty but focusing on those will never give us positive outcomes.

Let’s focus on the food for hair growth that will help you achieve the charming look; you wish you must have got much earlier.

  1. Eggs: Best Hair Regrowth Food

hair food

Talking about the number one hair food for growth will bring the Eggs straight into the limelight. Hairs are made up of protein and keratin which helps to bind the hair from its roots strongly.

Therefore, a diet that is rich in protein will help you to grow your hair naturally.

Eggs are one of that rare food for good hair growth which contains Vitamin B12. This protein is strong enough to go deep inside the hair follicles and deeply nourish the hair.

Also, Eggs contain four essential minerals namely selenium, zinc, iron, and sulfur which helps to transfer oxygen into hair follicles.

Iron deficiency is yet another critical condition for hair loss where eating eggs as food for hair loss can do wonder.

Lastly, Eggs are a brilliant source of Sulfur and Biotin which helps in the production of Keratin. This prevents hair loss and makes Eggs, one of the greatest food for hair growth.

  1. Asparagus

food for hair growth

Coming at the second number in the list of food for hair growth, Asparagus is yet another gem food. It’s another type of synthetic Vitamin B that helps in the faster absorption of proteins. This makes the hair grow faster

Also, Asparagus is rich in Vitamin C, A, and folic acid. This helps to make the follicles even stronger from its roots.

Forget about external hair stimulators as Asparagus does the job pretty well. It’s a brilliant source of silicon that helps in keeping your hair healthy.

Last but not least, Vitamin presence of Vitamin E in Asparagus helps to enhance the growth of hair.

Inevitably, after knowing Asparagus benefits for hair, we can say that it’s one of the supreme food for hair growth.

  1. Tofu

food for hair growth

Aside from being a prime food for bodybuilding, Tofu is a secret hair regrowth food. It’s made from Soy that is a good source of Iron.

In one cup of Tofu, you will get 6.7mg of Iron which is super amazing. Iron helps to keep hair follicles in a healthier condition.

Why Hair Loss Occurs?

Mostly, hair loss occurs due to deficiency of Iron. If you are the person who is suffering from Iron Deficiency, you must consume at least 18 mg of iron each day.

  1. Beans

food for healthy hair and skin

Among the best food for hair growth, Beans is one of the best options. It comes with Silica that is an essential nutrient that prevents hair loss.

Our body utilizes silica to absorb different minerals and vitamins which helps to grow hair faster. Also, Hair needs nutrients to grow new hair cells and strengthen hair follicles to the deepest extents.

If you can consume Beans at regular intervals, it can gradually help to grow hair faster, longer and shinier.

  1. Cottage Cheese: Best Food For Hair Growth and Thickness

food for hair growth

If we talk about dairy products, they are a valuable source of calcium and proteins. Also, they contain a good amount of whey, casein which helps in keeping our hair follicles healthier.

Talking about Cottage Cheese, it’s a superfood for good hair growth which you must include in your daily diet.

Quick Recipe Tip: In case if you don’t like to eat Cottage cheese raw, you can include it in your gravy and make stuff healthier. Or else, you can try your combinations and eat foods that can make your hair grow faster and longer.
  1. Coriander

hair regrowth food

Against hair loss, Coriander truly does wonders. It’s one of the best food for hair loss and can grow hair at the same time. Also, if you have hair thinning issue, including coriander in your meals can help you gradually.

What does Coriander do?

Coriander helps to eliminate the toxic metals from the body. The metals stop the hair nutrients transport to the scalp. This leads to hair loss and other hair thinning issues.

Especially in Asian countries, Coriander is ranked as the best food for hair growth.

  1. Oysters

food for hair growth in India

Oysters are a rich source of Zinc and probably one good food for hair growth. Generally, a lack of zinc in the body leads to hair loss and thing issues.

In extreme cases, if the body doesn’t contain enough zinc, it can even cause flaky and dry scalp.

In your meals, you can include oysters at least two times a week to prevent hair loss and have strong hair altogether.

  1. Poultry

Best food for hair growth

Among the top-rated food for hair growth, Poultry is the perfect combination. Chickens are high in proteins, zinc, Iron and Vitamin B.

These natural stuff together helps to bind the hair stronger and prevents any breakages and hair loss.

Also, our hairs are mostly made of Protein and consuming chicken regularly can help to regrow hair on a faster scale.

  1. Oats

food for hair growth

Generally, the natural color of our hair fades with time. In the 21st century, pollution is on the rise where harsh chemicals are degrading the quality of skin and hair.

In such cases, Oats is one good hair growth food that can help in maintaining the hair color.

Also, Oats helps in creating melanin that prevents hair loss and keeps hair protected for longer times.

What’s more? Oats come with Minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium that can boost the overall hair growth to some good extents.

  1. Flax Seeds

hair food for growth

One of the most underrated foods for hair growth, Flax Seeds contains a higher amount of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Yes, it not only contains Iron but the presence of Omega 3 helps hair growth in tons of ways.

How to consume Flax Seeds?

Every morning, consume one tablespoon of whole flax seeds to grow your hair, the natural way. Each Tablespoon contains 2.3 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids that is beneficial enough to make your hairs stronger.


  1. Green Leafy Vegetables

hair food

Green leafy vegetables are more than just foods. They are medicines when consumed every day can help in overall hair growth.

Green leafy vegetables are tremendous sources of Vitamin A, C and even contain heavy dosages of selenium and Iron.

These vitamins help in the formation of sebum which promotes hair growth.

Best Leafy Vegetable tor Hair Growth

Spinach is one of the greatest leafy vegetables that contain good sources of Iron. Also, it comes with beta carotene, folate and along with Vitamin C can do wonders for your hair.

Also, Spinach helps in keeping the hair follicles strong, healthy and shiny all day long.

Therefore, consuming spinach in its pure raw form is a brilliant way to promote hair growth and make it strong altogether.

  1. Milk: Best Food for Healthy Hair and Skin

food for healthy hair and skin

Dairy products which are low in fat come with essential calcium and proteins. These proteins are essential blocks that make the hair grow faster.

Also, Milk contains casein which helps to maintain hair follicles and ultimately makes the hairs strong. Milk even helps in preventing hair loss in which a full glass of milk must be a part of your daily diet.

Altogether, Milk is one of that good food for hair growth and thickness which is found in abundance. Drink milk every day either at day/night and make your hair’s shiner and denser.

  1. Soya Bean

hair food for growth

If you are vegetarian and want a brilliant food for hair growth, Soya Bean can be a good choice. It’s a perfect replacement for the meat which can make every vegetarian lover’s hair stronger and denser.

In Soya Beans, you will find 40% of proteins that are good in fats and is needed for absolute hair growth.

For consuming Soya Beans, you can either spread it in your dishes or can make a separate dish solely of tasty soya beans.

  1. Sprouts

food for hair growth

Among the essential sprouts which is a superfood for the growth of hair, the gram Dal sprout is the best one.  Although, you can find different sprouts such as Mung Beans, Green Gram Dal, and Peas that can prevent hair loss.

Sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals that help in growing hair, the fastest way. In the preparation process, you must Soak Gram Green Dal in the morning. In the afternoon, move ahead, strain the water and keep the box in the dark location.

After you wake up, the Sprout will be all-ready for eating purpose. Also, consuming Sprouts in the morning is much effective for hair growth.

Also, if you are willing to put an end to hair fall, Sprouts are the number one Hair regrowth food.

  1. Broccoli

food for hair growth

If you want to strengthen your hair along with giving a shiny texture to it, Broccoli is a brilliant option. It’s super rich in Vitamin C which the human body needs for the production of Serum.

Naturally, Brocolli conditions the hair & adds a shining texture to the overall hair. Also, Broccoli helps in overall blood circulation which sends blood throughout the head making hairs tough and shinier.

For consuming Broccoli, you can either consume it raw, or you can cook an amazing Broccoli dish. Make sure to use minimum oil and including other vegetables along with Broccoli can make food much nutritious and tastier.

  1. Tomatoes

food for hair growth and thickness

Remained as the hidden food for growth of hair, Tomatoes help in growing hairs in the best possible way. By nature, Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is an integral antioxidant to maintain the collagen of our body.

Having the presence of collagen in Tomatoes helps our hair to grow healthier and bring shine texture to overall hair.

To consume tomatoes, you must eat tomatoes raw at least two times a day to promote healthier and luscious hairs.


  1. Fish Oil

food for hair growth

Consuming Fish Oil regularly prevents drying of the scalps and keeps them healthier. Also, it prevents the occurrence of dandruff and keeps the hair scalp free from any drying issues.

Nowadays, Fish Oil comes in different supplement products that are easier to consume and doesn’t boast side effects. You can consume fish supplements once in a day to keep your hair’s healthy, promote hair growth and prevent dandruff.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

food for hair growth faster

Talking about food which is highly rich in beta-carotene will bring the Sweet Potatoes into the limelight. Vitamin A present in Sweet Potato helps in protecting the scalp and produces enough oil for hair growth.

Generally, deficiency of Vitamin A leaves scalp itchy and makes it a storehouse for dandruff. Therefore, you must consume sweet potatoes every alternative day to promote hair growth.

Also, among the food for hair growth in India, Sweet Potatoes are available in plenty. Either with a roadside vendor or from a shop, you can avail sweet potatoes, consume and make your hairs healthier.

  1. Walnuts

hair food

Out of every nut in the world, Walnuts is one super nut which contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Also, they are rich in Vitamin E along with Biotin which makes it a good food for hair growth and thickness.

Moving ahead, Walnuts helps in protecting the DNA cells from damage whereas Biotin helps to prevent hair loss.

Also, Walnuts contains copper minerals that help to maintain a natural texture of the hair.

For consuming walnuts, you can eat 3 to 4 walnuts every day to promote hair growth in the right and effortless way.

  1. Water

hair food

Lastly, the food for hair growth list is surely incomplete without water. Water helps in hydrating the scalp which delivers better blood circulation. This helps in spreading vital minerals to travel through every hair.

Therefore, you must consume at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day to enhance hair growth and keep it healthy life long.


Wrapping Things Up: Top 20 Food for Hair Growth

Summing up the entire article, I hope you have got the best food for hair regrowth and thickness. Almost every food has their hair growth properties, and I have tried my best to explain them most simply.

From your side, the work is much simpler for you. Go through every single food for hair growth and consume them regularly. After regular consumption, you will surely see a change in your hair texture and enhancement in hair growth.

Also, maintaining a diet for thick hair must be on top of your priority list. In diet, you can include the above foods, make a delicious recipe from them and grow hair faster.

Lastly, if you liked this article of the best food for hair growth, share it with your friends, family and live your live stress-free and of course passionately.



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