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When we talk about beauty, people above the cosmetics see the right texture of your skin to judge you into the beauty list. Whether you are fair, dark or of any other color, that does not bother with the beauty which always radiates from the person, and it is the true self which needs care. To help out precious skin, there are few good clear skin tips for maintaining the skin glow.

First of all, know yourself better and know about your skin and habits. Knowing oneself is the basics of being beautiful.

Our given clear skin tips will go waste if you don’t find the right choice for yourself. There are thousands of skin types and lots of other factors that will affect your skin from having clear skin.

These factors include stress, poor nutrition, excessive smoking, pollution, damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and drinking alcohol.

How to get clear skin fast is a question that’s been on the minds of all.

After all the chaos we have done for our dear skin, it is the time that we find the best of clear skin tips.

Here we have the best clear skin tips for both men and women.

Let’s move ahead and discover some of the best tips for clear skin.

Tips on Clear Skin Routine

tips for clear skin

  • Maintain a natural Diet is the first tip among clear skin tips. What one eats depicts who one is. The things you eat will decide the best reflection on your face. A good diet provides the best nutrients in the body and can also repair the damaged tissues, build new cells, mend collagen, produce enzymes and proteins, etc. Therefore, a healthy diet is the first step towards healthy skin.
  • In clear skin routine always go for fruits and vegetables, lean protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates which are less in saturated fat.

how to get clear skin in 3 days

  • Avoid excess intake of alcohol, drug, and smoking, as these results in skin aging.
  • Always keep the skin hydrated from the inside out. The key function of one’s skin is to detox the body. Hence, keeping the skin hydrated is one of the natural clear skin tips for having good skin.
  • Wash your face multiple times. The toxins and excessive secretion of oils in the skin brings a lot of skin problems. Hence washing will help with removing the excess oil and the toxins from your skin and help in getting better skin.
  • The clear skin routine involves removing makeup always when not needed. Your skin also breathes. If you go on with makeup, then the skin is in clogged condition, and with the clogged pores, one cannot possibly have clear skin.

How to get clear skin in a week

how to get clear skin in a week

“How to get clear skin in a week?” is somewhat a topic that’s always under the headline when the time left is just a week for getting the clear skin.

 In such a case, it’s advice to go natural with the necessary products that are available at home.

  • Lemon is the best of all. You only need to apply lemon juice on your skin for at least 10 minutes and clean it with lukewarm water.

clear skin tips

  • It will help in cleaning your skin and removing the dark spots as well.
  • Additionally, the question “how to get clear skin in a week” is best answered by turmeric. It is an excellent antiseptic with skin-lightening agents that help in minimizing scars and marks.

clear skin tips

  • Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder with enough pineapple juice to make a paste and apply it thoroughly. Leave the paste until it dries and then wash it to find the inevitable changes. In beauty products also turmeric-based products are the best fit.

How to Get Clear Skin in 3 Days

how to get clear skin fast

Three days is short but not too short, as your skin still can be helped with its natural glow. We will answer how to get clear skin in 3 days below.

  • One of the best clear skin tips is to have plenty of sleep before the scheduled time. It is preferable that all the three days you sleep smart and tight. Sleep itself will help in making the skin clear and also can fix the damaged tissues.
  • Follow good Hygiene all the three days. Daily wash your face in the morning, afternoon and at night which could help you in restraining bacteria growth that will help with getting clear skin.
  • Clear skin in 3 days also has a very cautious step while if you use any cosmetics, there can always be possibilities of allergy and side effects of new products on the skin. Hence, maintain a basic texture.
  • Regulate the use of beauty products in the three days and then enhance the best of all edibles that are filled with rich fiber and juice content.
  • Also, pull your hair back when you are sleeping. You can wear a headband or make a ponytail to avoid touching your hair onto your face. This helps avoid acne breakout. It is one of the most essential clear skin tips.

How to Get Clear Skin Fast?

Ok, people go crazy just before an event and always seek for having the best of their skin for the occasion.

At this point, they raise the question of “how to get clear skin fast?” Well, the answer to have clear skin fast is just a myth.

The fact remains that the skin could be enhanced but with the time constraint and with a good knowledge of all the clear skin tips.

Quick Clear Skin Tips for Women & Men:

  • Know the makeup that you do every day to have the answer to the question “how to get clear skin fast.”
  • Always use a gentle cleanser and never go on wiping your face with rough cloths.
  • Use toner if you have one but never go for a new product as there are chances of allergy.
  • The moisturizer could also help you with reducing your dry skin.
  • Always use clear skin products like the Lakme Sun Expert SPF 24 PA Fairness UV Sunscreen Lotion and others.
  • Don’t get to the sun by exposing your skin to the sun’s UV rays. You lead your skin to result in microscopic damage. Sun rays clog the pores of the skin which will prevent the oils from escaping. It will contribute to the escalation of acne and the development of blotchy spots.
  • If you have a pimple, then for having clear skin fast, never pick on your pimples. This can cause scarring, and also your skin cannot be considered as clear from any angle.
  • Use sunscreen for protecting your skin. Every time you go outside, have sunscreen on your skin even if it’s cloudy.


How to Get Clear Skin for Men

how to get clear skin for men

Men do not belong to the same categories of women in lots of areas, but they too have the primary diet control to be the same.

Having healthy natural food will serve them with the best results in due course of time.

There are a few other healthy tips on “how to get clear skin for men,” and they are:

  • To use essential oil for shaving is an option for having the best skin as the facial skin is sensitive skin and could be damaged if proper care is not taken.
  • Regularly do your exercise and then bath away all the dirt from your skin and help yourself also with sunscreen before you go in sunlight full of UV radiation.
  • Also, apply moisturizer for maintaining the moisture content in your skin and help yourself with the best cloth while you wipe your face.
  • Never forgot to test your products before you buy them. The best products for men in clear skin products are Garnier Men Power White Fairness Moisturiser SPF 15, and a lot of others are available in the market.


Home Remedies for Clear Skin (Men and Women)

  • Baking Soda for Skin

baking soda for skin

Baking soda is a more powerful beauty product for men. The base in the baking soda will balance the pH levels of the skin which in turn helps in maintaining clear skin.

Plus, Baking soda has mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can help in dealing with the cause of the pimples itself.

Baking soda works as an excellent exfoliating agent that could keep skin free from impurities, dirt and dead skin cells.

  • Walnuts for Skin

walnuts for skin

Walnuts are also among the strong, clear skin tips for men. They can also bring a beautiful glow to any dull, dry and lifeless skin.

These walnuts have the antioxidant nature that helps in repairing the skin cells and also promotes radiant skin.

Also, Walnut powder is used to exfoliate the skin and also can help to remove impurities and dirt more accurately than any regular cleansing product.

For using walnut as clear skin tips, you just need to mix two spoons of the powdered walnut with two spoons of plain yogurt to prepare a paste.

How to apply Walnuts on Face

Apply and leave the paste to dry. After that, remove by scrubbing the mixture around the face. Use a walnut face mask once or twice in a week to penetrate the skin texture in just three days.

So now here we have solved the riddle of how to get clear skin for men.


Conclusion: Clear Skin Tips

Maintaining your natural beauty with clear skin tips is the secret of true happiness that will radiate from within. Everyone has to maintain their skin to live stressfully and confidently.

With this, use the best clear skin products from nature and find organic living as healthy, wealthy and to be the most beautiful of all.

Till now, we guess you must have also got your answer to “How to get clear skin overnight?”.

Therefore, carefully follow the above tips for clear skin, maintain healthy clear skin routine and go out confidently and flawlessly.



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