Weight Loss Recipes

Staying fit and being in shape is essential. However, given the lifestyle we all have, it becomes impossible for us to have a fitness schedule. This is where this article is going to help you. All you have to do is follow these weight loss recipes and shed some of the extra fat that has been threatening your fit physique.

All these recipes are super yummy, and you can make them very quickly. Read on to find out some of the best healthy recipes for weight loss.

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic and discover amazing weight loss recipes, one by one.

Top 10 Weight Loss Recipes(Lose Weight, Fastest Way)

1.    Vanilla Quinoa and Roasted Blueberry Breakfast Bowl

weight loss recipes

Cereal breakfast with carbs and protein to help you start your day the best way. This is one of the best meal prep recipes for weight loss.

What do you need?

a.    One cup of quinoa

b.    Two cups of water

c.    One tablespoon of vanilla

d.    Wo cups of frozen or fresh blueberries

e.    One tablespoon of melted coconut oil

f.    Half tablespoon of cinnamon

g.    Sea salt as per your taste

How to prepare?

a.    At first, before starting make sure you preheat your oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit

b.    Then mix quinoa, vanilla, and water in a pan and add a pinch of sea salt. Then bring the mix o a boil and cover the pan and then reduce the heat o low. Let it simmer for about fifteen minutes and wait till the liquid is absorbed completely.

c.    Toss blueberries and cinnamon with coconut oil and spread the mix on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Make sure that you do not do this without the parchment. Roast this sheet for about fifteen minutes till it becomes soft and bubbly.

d.    Serve this quinoa after topping with roasted blueberries along with a few fresh blueberries as well. You can also add slivered almonds and coconut if you want.

2.    Sweet Potato Pancakes

healthy recipes for weight loss

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These pancakes are rich in protein and will make you full. It is a great idea for breakfast and also one of the best recipes for weight loss.

What do you need?

a.    Half cup of cooked and mashed sweet potato

b.    Half cup of two eggs or egg beaters

c.    One-fourth cup of flour

d.    One teaspoon of honey or coconut palm sugar

e.    Pinch of salt

f.    One-eighth teaspoon of baking soda and baking powder. You can use both or just one. Using both is better.

g.    One-eighth teaspoons of grown cinnamon

h.    Milk is optional to make the batter thin if you find it necessary

How to prepare?

a.    Mash all the sweet potato and mix all the ingredients which have been mentioned. The batter may be quite thick.

b.    Cook it like you would cook a regular pancake. However, this one is not going to bubble as the usual ones do.

c.    Make sure that they are cooked thoroughly and are not burned.

d.    Your sweet potato pancakes are all ready to serve.

3.  Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal

Weight Loss Recipes

What do you need?

a.    Five cups of berries mixed. If you are using strawberries, make sure you cut them in half.

b.    Two cups of almond milk

c.    Two tablespoons of melted coconut oil

d.    One-fourth cup of honey

e.    Two cups of oats

f.    Three egg whites

g.    Half tablespoon of almond extract

h.    One-fourth cup of coconut sugar

i.    One teaspoon of baking powder

j.    One-fourth cup of silvered almonds

k.    One teaspoon of ground cinnamon

How to prepare?

a.    Before you start, preheat your oven at around 375 and sprat a casserole dish with a non-stick spray.

b.    Then add half of the berries which you mixed in the casserole dish which you have prepared in an even layer

c.    In a bowl, add milk, almond extract, honey, egg whites, coconut oil, and mix them well. Then you can set them aside.

d.    In a different bowl, add oats, sugar, and then cinnamon. Stir the mixture of the milk into the oats one till it gets combined totally.

e.    Pour this batter over the berries which have been put in the casserole dish.

f.    Top the batter with the half of the berries which have been remaining and upon that add slivered almonds.

g.    Bake the same for about forty or forty-five minutes until all the liquid gets absorbed and becomes light golden on top.

h.    Remove this dish from oven and let it sit for about ten minutes before you cut it and serve it.

i.    If you need more sweetness, then you can add maple syrup onto it and enjoy it with this drizzle.

4.    Slow Cooker French Toast Casserole

healthy slow cooker recipes for weight loss

credits: bettycrocker

This is one of the best healthy slow cooker weight loss recipes. The French toast is less than 230 calories and tastes heavenly.

What do you need?

a.    Two whole eggs

b.    Two tablespoons of honey

c.    Two egg whites

d.    Half teaspoon of cinnamon

e.    One teaspoon of vanilla extract

f.    One and a half cups of one percent milk

g.    Nine slices of whole grain bread

h. Half teaspoon of cinnamon for filling as well

i. One-Third cup of diced raw pecans

j. Three tablespoons of honey for filling

k. One teaspoon of lime juice

l.    three cups of finely diced uncooked apple pieces

How to prepare?

a.    Add eggs, egg whites, milk, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl and whisk them properly. Then take a slow cooker and spray its insides with a non-stick spray.

b.    Add the ingredients of filling in a bowl and then stir to coat the pieces of apple, then set it aside.

c.    Then cut the bread slices in the shape of triangles.

d.    Place one layer of bread with six pieces of triangles at the bottom of the cooker and then add one-fourth of the filling also. Repeat the same till there are three layers of the same

e.    Then pour the mix of the egg over the layers. Cover the cooker and let it cook at low for about four hours.

f.    If you want, you can drizzle with pure maple syrup.

5.    Big 5 Superfood Smoothie

Weight Loss Recipes

A smoothie packed with nutrients, yummy taste, and less than 130 calories are all you need to feel full. This is one of the best low-calorie recipes for weight loss.

What do you need?

a.    One cup of frozen red grapes

b.    Ice cubes

c.    One organic sweet apple, cored, keep peeling

d.    Half cup of plain, fat-free kefir

e.    One tablespoon of honey. It is optional

f.    One teaspoon of grated ginger

g.    Half cup of chilled green tea which is unsweetened and one which has been brewed at home is the best

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How to prepare?

a.    Add all the ingredients in the given quantity in a blender and blend them well. Add ice as much as want the thickness to be.

6.    Green Tea Kiwi-Berry Smoothie

Weight Loss Recipes

Full of fresh ingredients, this low-calorie smoothie is an excellent guilt-free snack. It is one of the best recipes for weight loss. Mostly, Green tea has been the most effective weight loss ingredient whereas it’s combination with Kiwi-Berry makes it one of the best weight loss recipes. 

What do you need?

a.    Six cubes of ice

b.    One peeled kiwi

c.    One frozen banana

d.    Two cups of organic, loosely packed kale

e.    One and a half cups of home brewed, unsweetened green tea

f.    Four frozen strawberries

How to prepare?

a.    Add all the ingredients in the blend and then blend until it becomes smooth. Add ice according to the thickness required.

7.    Pomegranate Banana Ginger Blast

healthy slow cooker recipes for weight loss

Pomegranate is known to induce weight loss, and this is what makes this smoothie one of the best weight loss recipes. It is an excellent option for a snack or breakfast.

What do you need?

a.    Four to five cubes of ice

b.    Half cup of plain Greek yogurt which is also fat-free

c.    One frozen banana which has been pre-sliced before freezing

d.    One cup of pure pomegranate juice with no added sugar

e.    Ginger root, only one fourth knuckle

How to prepare?

a.    Blend all the ingredients in a blender until it becomes smooth. Add ice according to the smoothie.

8.    Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup

Weight Loss Recipes

credits: foodnetwork

This homemade version of delicious tomato soup is going to make you feel full and is also very low in calories. The soup is one of the best weight loss recipes.

What do you need?

a.    One tablespoon of olive oil

b.    Half teaspoon of kosher salt

c.    10 Roma tomatoes which have been cut into quarters

d.    One-fourth cup of dark balsamic vinegar

e.    One-fourth teaspoon of ground black pepper

f.    Two tablespoons of honey

g.    Two cups of vegetable broth

h.    Parmesan cheese

i.    One-fourth cup of fresh, sliced basil cut in strips

j.    Half cup of skim milk

How to prepare?

a.    Before you begin, preheat your oven at about 400. Line it with a baking sheet.

b.    Spread the cut tomatoes in an even layer.

c.    Sprinkle salt, vinegar, pepper, and olive oil. Roast them for about thirty to thirty-five minutes till the tomatoes begin to char a little

d.    Transfer these tomatoes in a blender and blend till it becomes smooth. You can start with small batches.

e.    Add water to lower the thickness.

f.    Pour the blend in a soup pot. On medium heat, add milk, honey, and vegetable broth. Stir and bring the mix to simmer for about ten minutes.

g.    Serve with the topping of parmesan cheese.

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9.    Chicken Noodle Soup

Weight Loss Recipes

A very simple lunchtime dish with taste and low fat and sodium. It is the best option if you are looking for recipes for weight loss. Have it at dinner or during lunch, works every time. If your chicken noodle soup is cooked to perfection, this can be one of the best weight loss recipes, without a doubt. 

What do you need?

a.    Two medium chopped carrots

b.    One teaspoon of black pepper

c.    One tablespoon of olive oil

d.    Four cups of high quality, low sodium organic, or homemade chicken stock.

e.    One teaspoon of garlic powder

f.    Three medium sizes, diced and trimmed celery stalks

g.    One teaspoon of dill weed

h.    One medium size, diced white onion

i.    Three tablespoons of fresh parsley, minced

j.    One rotisserie chicken

k.    One cup of whole wheat egg noodles

How to prepare?

a.    In a soup pot, heat the olive oil and then add the mirepoix and sauté it for about four minutes till the onion becomes soft.

b.    Dissemble the chicken and save half of the skin of the bird and throw rest of it away.

c.    After the onion becomes soft, add black pepper, dill weed, garlic, and also chicken stock. Bring it to simmer for about five minutes.

d.    Add the chicken skin, noodles, and one cup of chicken meat to it. Simmer for about ten minutes.

e.    Add salt and pepper if you want. Add the minced parsley and stir.

f.    Serve hot along with crackers.

10.    Baked Apple Chips

Weight Loss Recipes

A guilt-free sweet snack and so easy to prepare is all you are looking for in recipes for weight loss.  Less than 32 calories, this snack is a savior and also very easy to make by yourself.

What do you need?

a.    Two thinly sliced and cored apple

b.    Cinnamon as per taste

How to prepare?

a.    Before beginning, preheat your oven at 275 degrees.

b.    Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and then place the pieces of apples on it.

c.    Drizzle cinnamon on it for taste

d.    Bake for about two hours. Check after every thirty minutes.

e.    Once they look crispy and delicate, serve them hot.


Wrapping Things Up

These weight loss recipes are not only low in calories but also, they are very yummy. They can be made easily at home by yourself, and you can go around and experiment with them a lot.

They can be eaten during any time of the day, and you can even serve them to your health-conscious guests.

Therefore, enjoy these weight loss recipes at your home by yourself and shed the extra weight that has been blocking your way to a fit body.


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