Fermented food has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, all thanks to ever-increasing research and interest in gut health. Kombucha, little fizzy and sour drink have become famous among the consumers who are health conscious and looking for the alternative to processed drinks that remain packed with artificial sweeteners or sugar. But, is Kombucha drink really good for you? Let’s take a closer look at the Kombucha health benefits and discover some more things about this super drink.

What is Kombucha?

It is a fermented drink which is made from sweetened tea and a particular culture called as a scoby, which stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts.

The yeasts and bacteria converts sugar in acetic acid and ethanol. Acetic acid is the one that gives Kombucha tea a distinctive sour taste.

How to make Kombucha?

kombucha health benefits

Kombucha drink is usually made using:

  • Cold filtered water
  • Sugar
  • Scoby
  • Green tea/Black tea

To make it, let the sugar and tea get steeped in boiling water and let it cool before adding scoby. Cover it and leave it for a week to ferment.

Pour the mixture in an airtight container with extra sugar and leave it for few more days – the longer it is left, the fizzier it will become. The flavouring of fruits or spices can be added for Kombucha health benefits.

Is it safe to make it at home?

Kombucha health benefits are many but as it is a fermented product, strict guidelines must be followed to make sure it is safe to consume.

If made incorrectly, it can also make you ill. If you are thinking about where to buy Kombucha, make sure to get it from the reputable source and follow the instructions present on pack rather than start making at home.

Well, the health benefits of Kombucha are plenty and of course, it is useful to lose weight fast too.

Is Kombucha a good source of probiotics?

Fermented foods like kefir, yoghurts, and sauerkraut, all of them contain live microorganisms. As Kombucha is a product of fermentation, various probiotics bacteria are produced.

Specifically, probiotic bacteria help to balance the microbiome in humans and improve the digestion. However, till I can’t say much whether it contains enough beneficial bacteria which will act as effective probiotic.

Is Kombucha tea high in antioxidants?

kombucha tea

Antioxidants are the substances that protect the human body from the damage of oxidative taken place by free radicals.

The radicals are a normal by-product of various processes in the body, but if you want to minimize it, it is essential to take a diet rich in antioxidants.

Green tea especially is rich in the antioxidants group known as polyphenols.

The overall fermentation time has a severe impact on the antioxidant properties of Kombucha tea. However, to date, there has been less evidence to suggest a benefit to the health of a human.

Does Kombucha contain minerals and vitamins?

Best Kombucha contains a small number of minerals and vitamins which get produced when the yeast breaks down sugars, including Vitamin B and C with B1, B6, and B12.

For better Kombucha health benefits, make sure to take proper vitamins and minerals.

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Do Kombucha help with weight loss and improve the health of the gut?

kombucha health benefits 2019

Although Kombucha benefits several ailments related to weight loss, digestion, inflammation and bone health, there’s no clinical evidence available to prove it.

Most of these claims have either come from animal studies or anecdotal.

Evidence-based Kombucha Health Benefits

Organic Kombucha tea is the fermented one which has been consumed for more than thousands of years.

It does not only have the same health benefits as tea but it is also beneficial in Kombucha probiotic. Organic Kombucha definitely delivers the best health benefits from Kombucha for every single person.

It also consists of antioxidants which helps to kill harmful bacteria and might help to fight with several diseases.

Here are the top Kombucha health benefits based on scientific evidence.

1-It provides green tea benefits

Green tea is one of the best healthy drinks you can ever have. It is because it contains bioactive compounds like polyphenols which work as the strongest antioxidant in the body.

There are various Kombucha health benefits when made from green tea as it contains the same compounds of plant and has similar advantages.

Studies have shown that drinking green tea on regular basis can increase the number of burned calories, improve cholesterol, reduces belly and help to control blood sugar level.

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2-It is a rich source of probiotics

The drink is thought to originate in Japan or China. It is made by adding strains of yeast, bacteria, and sugar to green or black tea, then allow to ferment it for a week.

Kombucha probiotic is also called as the mushroom tea. A large amount of bacteria is produced at the time of fermentation.

Probiotics offer healthy bacteria to your gut.

These can improve many aspects of health like inflammation, digestion and weight loss. Because of this reason, adding this drink to your diet can improve your health in so many ways.

3-It helps to kill bacteria

One of the major substances produced at the time of fermentation of Kombucha is acetic acid which is also rich in vinegar.

Like polyphenols presented in tea, acetic acid helps to kill various harmful microorganism. Best Kombucha made from green or black tea seems to have strong antibacterial properties mainly against bacteria causing infection.

4-It contains antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that fight from reactive molecules and free radicals that are harmful to cells.

Most of scientists believe that beverages and foods antioxidants are better for health than supplements.

Kombucha health benefits for skin works the best when combined with green tea, it appears to have the effects of antioxidants in your liver.

The studies have consistently found that drinking Kombucha juice regularly reduces the toxicity from liver caused by toxic chemicals, in most of the cases by 70%.


5-It might help to manage Type 2 diabetes

All over the world, Type 2 diabetes affects about 400 million people. When the sugar levels become high, diabetes starts to kick in individuals.

A study has found that organic Kombucha slowed down the carbs digestion which reduced the levels of blood sugar. It also improved the function of the liver and kidney.

Kombucha health benefits more with green tea as green tea itself reduces blood sugar level.

In fact, it came out in the review that most of the individuals who took green tea had 20% lower risks of becoming diabetic.

6-It might reduce the risk of heart disease

kombucha health benefits for skin

No doubt, heart disease is the leading cause of death. Time after time, its proven in the studies that Kombucha health benefits the heart disease.

Most importantly, green tea helps to protect from LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation which can result in heart attacks.

In fact, people who drink green tea have a 31% lower risk of developing a disease of the heart, an advantage which Kombucha itself serves.


7-It is healthy when made while concentrating

Kombucha juice is rich in probiotic with various health benefits.

If you are thinking about Kombucha where to buy, then you can purchase it from the stores or make it yourself at home. However, make sure to prepare it properly.

Over-fermented or contaminated Kombucha can lead to serious health issues and even death too.

Also with this technique, you’ll never get Kombucha health benefits. Kombucha which is homemade might also contain 3% alcohol.

Now, if you seriously asking where to buy Kombucha then the option is to purchase from the store or online.

Commercial products taste the best and they are also alcohol-free, as they might contain less than 0.5% alcohol.

However, make sure to check the ingredients and try to avoid the ones that have more sugar. altogether, Health Benefits of Kombucha is the best when it’s made with proper concentration.

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8-It might protect against cancer

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases. It is driven by uncontrollable growth of cell and cell mutation.

In the studies, researchers say that Kombucha health benefits for skin prevent the spread and growth of cancerous cells because of the high concentration of antioxidants and tea polyphenols.

Also, the doctors say that polyphenols block the growth of cancer cells and gene mutation while also promoting the death from a cancer cell.

Because of this reason, it isn’t surprising to say that people who drink tea are less likely to develop different types of cancer.

However, whether Kombucha has an anti-cancer effect on people is not confirmed yet.

9-It detoxifies the Liver

Kombucha health benefits in natural detoxification. Glucaric acid which is also the product of Kombucha fermentation might boost the efficiency of the liver’s detoxifying tracts.

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Bottom line

Most of the people believe that it helps to treat all types of severe health issues. However, studies on the benefits of this drink are few and the evidence is less.

Additionally, there’s evidence for the advantages of probiotics and tea, both of which are present in this drink.

If you are thinking about Kombucha where to buy, it is better to buy from the store but if you decide to make homemade, make sure it is prepared properly.

Lastly, as you have known the effective Kombucha Health Benefits, you just need to do one thing. Drink this amazing juice, grab the benefits and make your life healthier



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